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Author Topic: Forum Rules and Guidelines - Read This Before Posting  (Read 17068 times)
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« on: September 08, 2004, 08:28:31 PM »

There are a few simple, common-sense rules for posting on these forums, which I expect everyone to follow at all times.  These rules are fairly similar to rules enforced elsewhere, and shouldn't be anything new.

  • No flaming. This can be defined as any negative or insulting comment directed at another user or group of users.
  • No spamming. This means repeated posts about the same thing in which nothing new is being added, including within the same thread, as well as repeated PMs to other users.
  • No cross-posting. This means making the same post in multiple forums. Exceptions may be made in certain situations, however; check with a moderator or admin first.
  • No advertising. Using these forums as a medium for advertising (ex. for Internet marketing) is strictly forbidden and will be grounds for an immediate ban.
  • No discussion that encourages any illegal activity.
  • Keep off-topic posts to a minimum. In others words, try to stick to the same topic as the first post in the thread.
  • Avoid excessive profanity, including disguising it to deceive the forum's language filter.
  • Do not post any distasteful content (porn, for example), or post links to sites containing such content.
  • Do not bump threads repeatedly. (This includes posting something you forgot to mention in a previous post within the last few minutes; use the edit button as needed.)
  • Do not abuse the private messaging system.
  • Do not post links for Outwar/Ravenblack, Kings of Chaos, PhantasyRPG or any other "trick people to clicking on a link" type game. Doing so may result in an immediate ban.

Interpretation of what constitutes a violation of the forum rules rests with the forum moderators and/or administrators.

As for the penalties for violating the above rules:
  • In the case of off-topic posting, typically a request by an admin to get the thread back on track. If this fails to prove effective, the offending thread will be locked.
  • Cross posting will result in all but the original thread being deleted, unless that thread is in the wrong location. In the latter case the original thread may be either moved or deleted, at the admin's discretion. Repeat incidents may result in an official warning (via PM), or possible ban if warnings have been disregarded.
  • Spamming and repeated bumping of threads may result in the thread being locked. Continued incidents may result in an official warning, and if that prove ineffective, banning.
  • Posts containing excessive profanity will be editted or deleted. Repeat incidents may result in and official warning or ban.
  • As stated already, using this forums for advertising will not be tolerated, and will result in an immediate ban.
  • Posting of inappropriate material (porn, or anything illegal) is also not tolerated. Offending material will be editted out of the post. Repeat incidents may be grounds for a ban.
  • Harrassing other users repeatedly via PMs for any reason may result in your ability to use the private message feature being taken away.

As far as avatar and signature images go, keep them small.  Avatar images may be no larger than 80x80 pixels.  As for the sig, since large images are not friendly to dial-up users, I would say no more than 40 KB for a static image.  This is not an absolute limit, though I reserve the right to edit a user's signature if it contains an image that is causing serious performance issues. Just for reference, my own sig image (the RPG Mods logo) is only about 11kb.

Posting images:
Although I will allow the use of the [img] tag to post screenshots within posts, I do ask the following:
1. The image MUST be in jpg or gif format (or something that compresses the image further)! Other file formats, such as bmp, are far too large (Morrowind screenshots run well over 2 megs in the default bmp format), and will cause major slowdown.
2. Brighten the image if necessary. There is no point in posting the image in the first place if no one can make it out. This especially applies to Morrowind, as screenshots from that game tend to be rather dark.

I reserve the right to edit any post containing images that are too large or are not in the correct format, to remove the [img] tags from said post. If this becomes too much of a problem, I may disallow the posting of images in posts altogether.

These forums have a built-in search feature. USE IT! People get tired of answering the same questions over and over again, when the answer any be only a few pages back.

Stickied Threads:
Quite often, threads containing particularly useful information will be stickied.  Or, if the particular forum in question is building up too many stickied threads, I may combine them or simply add the info to an existing one.  If I see a question asked repeatedly, I will invariably place the answer in a stickied thread as soon as possible.

The edit button:
You have the ability to edit your posts in all sections of these forums. The general rule is, if you want to add something that you didn't mention in your previous post, no one has replied yet, and not much time has passed (generally less than an hour), you should edit your last post instead of posting yet another reply. Posting one reply after another instead of using the edit button will be considered as spam, and will be handled accordingly.

If another member is harrassing you:
If via PM or email, contact me (Baratheon79) immediately via PM on these forums, and include the text of the message in question. I will then take appropriate action. Remember, aside from issuing a ban, I can also take away a user's ability to send PMs on these forums.

Public use accounts & online listings of accounts for other sites:
This shouldn't become too much an issue, as I do not require users to register to view these forums, or to download from the mod database. However, since it is becoming an issue elsewhere, I figure I better nip this in the bud right now. Links to sites (such as bugmenot) listing "public use" accounts for sites requiring user registration may not be posted here, under any circumstances. In addition, any account for this forum that appears on such a site will be deleted, and the person who registered it will have his/her IP blocked from accessing the site entirely. If someone wants to require users to register on his/her site, that's their right, and it should be respected.

I think that about covers the important rules and guidelines.  Note that I am generally fairly lenient in my enforcement of the forum rules (depending on the specific circumstances), so long as no one tests my patience.
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