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Author Topic: Links to Useful Modding Utilities  (Read 2580 times)
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« on: September 09, 2004, 07:56:50 PM »

I had a similar thread on the old forums, though all the links were a bit out-dated.  So here is a completely new list of utilities that can be used in the creation of mods.

The following are available from Thelys' Modding Tools Page
  • GhanBuriGhan's Scripting Tutorial - A very comprehensive guide to the Morrowind scripting language. Very highly recommended.
  • TESTool - A very versatile utility for cleaning plugins, detecting conflicts, and managing the list of active plug-ins. (Note: Some features are not yet completely foolproof.) Made by Ghostwheel.
  • TESAME - An excellent little utility that can be using to clean plug-ins, export references for use in other plug-ins, and even remove unwanted master file dependancies. (I personally prefer this over over TESTool, as it gives the modder a greater degree of control.) Made by Scarabus.
  • BSA Browser - This utility allows you to browse, pack, unpack, and register Bethesda Softworks Archive (bsa) files with a user friendly interface. Made by Argent.
  • TES Dependancy Toolkit - Allows you to manage the master dependancies for a mod. (I personally stick with TESAME for this task.) Made by Argent.
  • Immersive Architect - A utility that allows you to build cities within the game, and then place your newly built city into a plug-in file. Made by Argent.
  • NifTexture - A wonder utility that allows you to assing new textures to a nif file, making it easy to retexture objects in Morrowind. Made by Dave Humphrey.
  • GenMod - A nice program that allows you to create randomly generated interiors. Can cut the time required to make an interior in half. Made by Jim Adam.
  • Morrowind ESP Cleaner - A utility that removes all references marked as changed in a mod that are otherwise identical to the same references in the parent master file. Made by Horatio.
Then we have a few more not available at TheLys:
  • XVI32 Hex Code Editor - There are a few occasions where NifTexture will not work, and that is where this little utility comes in. This is a completely free hex editor, and may be used to assign new textures to a nif file (among other things, of course Wink). Not exactly a Morrowind-specific utility, but I though I would include it anyway.
  • Overunity - A nice program made by Shanjaq and hosted by Daduke that aids modders in packaging thir mods by locating all the files used in the plug-in.
I hope this list proves useful to a few people. Note that I have not listed all of the possible modding utilities there are, but this should provide a pretty good selection.

As I discover more that are worthy of mention, I will add them to this list.
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